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Download of the Day: Dexpot Virtual Desktop Manager


As a webmaster, I needed a program that would allow me to switch screen resolutions quickly. I also wanted a virtual desktop manager to help me out with all the programs I must run all the time.

After much, much looking and finding shareware crap (which basically does nothing, or just clones a PowerToy for Windows XP, called Virtual Desktop Manager (which does nothing, duh!)) I found Dexpot!

Dexpot has many configuration options, and it allows you to have up to 20 virtual desktops, each configured with different screen resolutions, wallpapers, and it allows you to apply rules to certain programs (like having certain ones “persist” across all desktops (very useful to keep browsers open)). And it has many other options, so try it out!

Dexpot at

Dexpot homepage


PHP snippet: array_tag()


Esta es una función ultra simple que me ayuda a encapsular el valor de un array entre tags de HTML. Es una función callback para array_walk.

function array_tag(&$value, $key, $tag = 'p')
$value = "{$value}";

Para usarla simplemente llamamos a array_walk:

array_walk($miarray, array(&$obj, 'array_tag'), 'h2');

¡Espero que les sea de utilidad! ;-)