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SimpleXML para el Programa MercadoSocios (PMS)


Aquí pueden encontrar una guía donde se explica cómo usar la extensión para PHP5 llamada SimpleXML.


theLaunch development halted


I’ve decided to take another break on this script, since I’m rarely using WLM anyway. I’ve been working on a new version, completely rewritten, but I’ve reached a “creative block”, and need to sit back and relax.

This year I start my university studies, and I might find myself busier than usual. That, and my job might take all my free time.

Maybe Weyzza is not as busy as I am. I don’t really know about his script’s status, but you can try to use Poligami, which theLaunch is based on.

theLaunch has several features in the making, along with a better session and launching system that is proving to be a lot more reliable than the method I’ve been using.

I might continue with it next month or during March. I’m not 100% sure.

Thanks to everyone for your interest, your emails and reports are very helpful!