theLaunch Lite v1.0-BETA

The 20080223 build is out, and I’m already working on build 20080224.

The difference between theLaunch and theLaunch Lite is this:

  • no Predefined Launcher
  • no automatic opening of accounts
  • remote open/close via a menu

However, the remote open feature already exists in theLaunch. The closing feature will also be included in the original script.

Of course, theLaunch is outdated, which means that some features might be missing in the comparison above.

I hope I can finally update the original script sometime next week. theLaunch Lite will remain a BETA until I feel comfortable with it.

theLaunch Lite was born directly from theLaunch v2.4-ALPHA (unreleased), as I hadn’t finished re-coding the Predefined Launcher and wanted to still use the script.


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