Modify your keys with Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator

As I’m in a Spanish-speaking country, when I bought my PC I got a Latin keyboard. It got an annoying ç character, next to the ENTER/RETURN key, which I ended up pressing 80% of the time (I’m very clumsy).

That’s why I got a very useful tool, and surprisingly, it’s from Microsoft: the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator, or MKLC for short.

I was able to set all my keyboard how I like it. The annoying key got replaced to only work when I press SHIFT, and it gives me a curly bracket }, which is a slight improvement from ALT GR + annoying key to get }.

So, yes, basically, that’s it.

If you have no idea of the different types of keys, you might want to investigate a bit before using it. I didn’t know anything about “dead keys”, but it took me just a few minutes to look it up on and set all the dead keys correctly on the program.

Finally, I got my keyboard layout compiled into an installer, then I double-clicked it and voilá! You go to Region Settings and set your new keyboard layout as the default.

The program allows you to test and validate your layout before building it, so you don’t have to install and guess.

Download: MKLC.exe (v1.4) ( official site )


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