IE Tab + FirefoxView: Useful Example with Google Reader

Well, I got tired of the Thunderbird Gmail IMAP “bug” when the server times out and Thunderbird asks you over and over again for your password – even if you told it over and over again to remember it. If you’re like me, and use PasswordMaker for all your online accounts, that’s a big annoyance.

So I decided to throw away all my Gmail accounts from Thunderbird and use Gmail Manager instead. But, yet another problem comes up: it’s cookie based, and I use Google Reader in a Frozen Tab, so it keeps logging me out. Yes, I’m very lazy, sue me.

So, I heard from lifehacker that I can use IE Tab to keep myself logged into Google Reader from the Internet Explorer. And the problem is resolved!


Turns out, I like clicking on the feeds and seeing new stuff (I’m on digg, lifehacker, etc.). Many of those sites I’m registered and logged in… from Firefox. Opening the links in IE Tab opens them in an… IE tab… And switching the rendering engines with one click could be a solution… but I don’t want to! I want to open the link in a normal Firefox tab.

Enter FirefoxView. It adds an option in the context menu in Internet Explorer to open the link in Firefox (like IE View and IE View Lite).

Now I await for the new problems. But, for now, I’m satisfied.


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