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Online PDF Reader, PDFmeNot


A great thing about this tool is that you don’t need to install a bloated software to read your PDF documents. You don’t even need to download them to your computer, you can just paste the URL, and you’ll get a great version online.

It even has a Firefox extension, a bookmarklet, and many other tools.

Site: PdfMeNot


Google Reader alternative, with stand-alone program


NewsGator Online seems a little annoying to use, compared to Google Reader. But, you can download their program, FeedDemon, and use your NewsGator account.

Pretty neat. And it solves most of my problems.

Something annoying that most feed readers have is that none can remember user/password combination on an entire domain. If I want to subscribe to many password-protected feeds in a site, I have to enter my user/password info for each feed.

I have yet to find something that will make this easier.

FeedDemon is Windows only. But there are other programs by NewsGator that might be useful if you’re on a Mac.