theLaunch Lite

PLEASE NOTE: This is a different script, it’s not theLaunch.


theLaunch Lite is a script for Messenger Plus! Live (the famous add-on for Windows Live Messenger).

theLaunch Lite allows you to open and close multiple Messenger accounts with the aid of a menu (provided that you’ve set “Remember this account” and “Signin automatically” for each account).

Email List

It has many features! All useful if you use multiple Messenger accounts (polygamy):

Main menu

Additional options

  • Account Title: sets the title of your Messengers to – Windows Live Messenger for easy recognition.
  • Status Synchronization: when you’re busy, you’re busy everywhere, right? Well, this feature allows you to keep all your accounts with the same status (due to a limitation, the status can’t be a Personalized Status).
  • Open Closed Accounts (with Status): yes, why guess when you can have a menu with your defined accounts neatly listed? What’s more, you can change an account status BEFORE you open it! ;-)

Open closed accounts

  • Close Open Accounts: exactly how it looks! You can close accounts individually from the script menu.

Close open accounts

  • Global Close: want a quick way of closing more than one WLM? Now you can just press SHIFT + CONTROL + G, and all your problems are solved. The script will do all the heavy work: closes each chatwindow, signs you out, and then closes WLM. (It does not kill the process! So each account will go through a normal and peaceful shutdown.)
  • Global Close (extended): with this feature you can also minimize all your accounts to their tray icons. By pressing SHIFT + CONTROL + M, it clears your taskbar from bothersome accounts, without affecting status or anything!

Current Version: 1.0-BETA (June 03, 2008)
Compatible with: Windows Live Messenger 8.5 & Messenger Plus! Live 4.60
Download: PLSC file

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.


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