ASL Yay!

ASL Yay! is a plugin for the MyBB board (forum) software by the MyBB Group.

ASL Yay! stands for “Age, Sex, Location, Yay!” which is what most forum owners say, heh. :P The plugin displays these three user details in the space next to a user’s post. It also shows the flag in profile view.

It is visually based on the implementation from the Messenger Plus! Help Forums (by WDZ). However, as the MyBB version there is old and the code is not visible to anyone, this plugin was entirely written by myself. :P

This plugin uses the mini flags from with the ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 convention from Only Catalonia, Wales, Scotland, England, and the European Union don’t have a 2-characters code.

The three gender icons: male, female, and other are taken from the Messenger Plus! Help Forums.

The plugin won’t display the age of a person if the year hasn’t been set. Same goes if the user has set their gender or location as Undisclosed.

The plugin calls the country “Location” to prevent conflicts of terms (European Union: Spain, United Kingdom: England; these are two examples). So it’s the forum owner’s responsibility to rename or remove the default Location field that comes with the forum.

Current version: 1.1
Compatible with: 1.2.9
Languages: English (looking for a Spanish version of the 3166-1-alpha-2 list, when I have it I’ll be able to make a Spanish version of this plugin)

Download: ziptar.gzrar7z

DISCLAIMER: This plugin was made for my personal use. I am not responsible if it screws your board or if it sucks. It works for me, and it was good practice for my first plugin.


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