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uTorrent: How to Share Between Ubuntu and Windows


While Ubuntu (Wine) and Windows can both run uTorrent, it’s not that easy to keep one copy. Say, for example, that you want to use uTorrent on a Flash drive (USB stick). You run with the problem of having a Z: drive in Wine, which most likely won’t be anything like the structure in Windows (even if you simulate or change the drive letter.)

For example, I have set a partition under a folder in Ubuntu, so the torrent destination path in Wine is Z:\partition\Torrents

In Windows, I can only point a drive letter to a folder, but not the other way around!

I wondered if Windows had anything similar to symbolic links. I figured I could point a drive letter to a folder, then put a symbolic link to the folder, to simulate the path in Wine.

Apparently, it’s not well-known, but there are symbolic links in Windows. They’re not documented, and you need to buy a Microsoft software kit, which includes special tool to create them. They’re also called something else: junction points.

Fortunately, there’s a freeware GUI program that can do this for you: Junction Link Magic. It’s a very small download!

Create a virtual drive

subst Z: C:\vdrive

The vdrive folder is a placeholder, we’ll never actually see vdrive. Create a folder called partition inside Z: (C:\vdrive\partition).

Use Junction Link Magic

Create a link from Z:\partition to the actual partition drive.

When you browse Z:\partition, you should see your Torrents folder.

Now, you can safely run uTorrent from the USB stick, and it won’t notice a thing!